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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Walter O'Malley's Ghost


"IF THIS happens, if Brooklyn's favorite son winds up managing Brooklyn's erstwhile baseball team, there are two things I will want to know in short order: 1. Does this mean Billy Crystal trades in the interlocking “NY' for the interlocking “LA' for good now? 2. What did Joe Torre know, and when did he know it?"

This should, finally, put a stake in the heart of Uncle Joe Torre's sainthood. Negotiating with LA before they threw Grady Little under the bus was just as bush league as what Boras and A-Hole pulled.

And, if (as rumored) he brings Mattingly and Bowa along for the ride, and fails to light up the NL West, something that's always sat in the back of my mind will become clear:

It wasn't him; it was Mel Stott and Zim, working with Buck and Stick's guys. Joe was just along for the ride.


El Jefe said...

Hell-A will now know the wrath of a bullpen wrecker.

Best of luck to those fucks. Hope they slide into the ocean (OK, so I'm a little jaded being a NoCal guy).

TC said...

I truly believe he's gonna prove a humongous bust.