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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Torre Death Watch: Day Two

COTGM Exclusive: Steinbrenner Threatened Far More than Torre’s Job

On a more serious note, if you're Joe Torre, would you want to come back? I mean, the "Joba Rules" were put in place precisely because everyone was afraid Uncle Joe would burn the kid out, and he showed he was willing to do that by using the kid in a Game 3, where he had a five run lead, after not threatening to pull the kid and his team off the field during the Attack of the Bugs if the umps didn't delay the game. Really, hosing him down with Raid™ ? Twice? Why not smear the kid with Armorall during a threatened rain delay? It was bullshit.

That kinda deciding tells me he ain't gonna have anybody defending him if the decision about offering him a new contract ever makes it to the table.


El Jefe said...

Can anyone ANYONE give me one good reason why the YES network continues to pay Suzyn Waldman?

WTF? Are you crying 'cause you can't give Uncle Joe the Full Release Massage anymore?

TC said...

YES doesn't quite cover her anymore. She's on the radio. You never see her on the TV screen.