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Friday, October 05, 2007

Joe Torre Is An Idiot

Why wasn't Joba pulled?

It was obvious that his focus was gone.

Why wasn't Mariano warming up when Sizemore was walked in four pitches?

Why wasn't Mariano in when we were lucky enough to find ourselves with two outs (they gave us one with that silly bunt, and then that line drive to Minky was luck in itself)?

Mariano comes in, this game is already over and we're going back to NY tied up.

Now? Who knows what's going to happen?

On the other hand, maybe god doesn't want the Yankees to win. Maybe he hates the Yankees so much that he sent his plague of locusts to mess with them.


TC said...

They call a delay when it rains....

Why not when bugs come screaming from the rug?

TC said...

BTW, "Oh, yeah, NOW you show up."