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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just for El Jefe

Everyone else? Act like I didn't post this.
Rockies Counseled on the Challenges of Playoff Baseball in Fenway Park


El Jefe said...

Dude, you know I love ya' and all but...

You didn't have to, ya' know?

Seriously, are you on any meds we need to know about?

TC said...

It's a combination of things, Chief, neither of which have anything good attached to them when I look toward next season.

I believe Mattingly will be named manager and A-Hole will NOT bolt.

Therefore, The Curse of Mattingly (great player, but his teams never made the playoffs until his last season, where they lost in the first round, and has jack shit managerial experience... supposedly, all those egos in the Yankee clubhouse are going to 'respect' him the same as Torre... huh?);

combined with The Curse of A-Hole (great player who just seems to fall into a black hole come playoff time);

and the distinct possibility that Posada or Mo (or both) won't be back leads me to believe I'll possibly set a new record for destroyed TVs next season.

El Jefe said...

Meet the old boss
Same as the old boss

Of the three they've interviewed (including 'token' Tony Pena) I think you're right about Donny Ballgame. Pena got the interview 'cause of MLB rules re: minorities. The best guy for the job IMO is Girardi. He's the one who's either going to crack the whip or die trying.

The others would just go along to get along (except for Bowa, of course).

TC said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why they passed on Bowa. For me, he was a damn obvious choice for at least consideration.

El Jefe said...

Bowa's too much like Billy Martin for DBG's liking, I fear. I think he'd be the perfect fit for the Bronx Zoo.

TC said...

I'd like to see him punch that punk Hank straight through his teeth.

And i really mean "through," as in "BLOW AWAY THE CERAMICS"