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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Did Boras Blow It?


If I am an owner, and I know that the Yankees have made it crystal clear that they will not even bother making an offer for A-Hole to remain in the Bronx after pulling his opt-out move without even talking to the team, why in Baby Jeebus's name would I throw a contract on the table with the numbers Boras has bandied about?

There are only a few teams who are in a position to afford it, and, IMO, three of them: the Yanks, Red Sox and Mets, are out of the equation.

YANKS: Baby Boss made it clear: "Fuck you, A-Hole. We were willing to pay, and you spit on us by opting out without even hearing what we had to say. DIAF."
METS: Omar isn't an asshole; he saw all the crap that swirled around A-Hole's stint in the Bronx, and he doesn't need a third baseman or shortstop. He's gonna spend his money elsewhere to trying putting his squad over the top, especially after their late season implosion.
RED SOX: What, they're gonna ditch Lowell? If they are gonna throw crazy money at anyone, he's the one RSN will demand be on the receiving end. Bringing in A-Hole would seriously screw the team's chemistry... I can't imagine Tek and A-Hole sharing a clubhouse... and it could potentially lead to Epstein and Henry getting serious death threats if they even talk about 'Slappy McBluelips' out loud if the trade-off is losing Lowell.

Of the remaining teams that could afford it, my bet would be the Halos; Vlad and A-Hole would be a helluva one/two punch. But it would be kinda interesting if nobody bites at the $30 million per year price. It would force Boras into a corner. If the bastard had waited until the Yanks had put an offer on the table and then said, "we want to test the waters," instead of pulling that stunt while the World Series was still underway, more teams would probably be willing, but after showing all of MLB that for A-Hole it's "all about me," I think a lot of owners are not gonna bother even trying to sign him.

Would you be willing to lock 20-30% of your salary to one guy who has never done shit when it's playoff time? Texas had a decent team before that moron owner signed A-Hole to that psychotic contract, and look what it got them: the cellar. The Yanks have nothing to show for taking A-Hole on; indeed, a case could be made that bringing him to the Bronx was a mistake. So unless Boras already has an owner's offer in his pocket (which would be "tampering" under MLB rules), he may have screwed the pooch and actually depressed A-Hole's price.

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