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Monday, March 26, 2007

CHB Is At It Again....

Curious as to why established sports writers are growing increasingly irrelevant as blogging flourishes? Meet Dan Shaughnessy, a.k.a. CHB (Curly-Haired Boyfriend)... intent on getting the last word in his little feud with Curt Schilling, his latest article not only manages to come across as extremely childish in his attempt to ridicule Schilling, but he also manages to insult thousands of internet users/commenters, steroetyping them as basement dwelling fanboys. So how are those Globe subscriptions doing anyway?

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TC said...

Jeez, bitter much, Shaughnessy? Shilling's blog most probably has more readers than the fucking Globe's print edition currently musters, and definitely has more RSN-heads reading it than that clown has, print and online combined.

Better yet, Schilling should keep a Crackberry in the dugout and fling a couple posts up during games to really drive that hack crazy.

He's just jealous; give him a cookie and a kick in the teeth and he'll go away.