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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Someone Post Something or I'm Picking a Fight With Da Chief

boring, boring... "look! Pavano's ass asploded!"

and Mo wants a hundred billion.

and he's so ready for it.


El Jefe said...

I was going to post about the game supposed to see in Hawaii 'cept my bro's wife is a tool and bought tix for the game THIS weekend. That said, I'm in Tucson. If I get a chance I'll get a Cactus league game in this weekend and let you know. Otherwise, I'm WORKING!

TC said...

yeah, right..."working."

I'm hacking out a website for some dipwad who happens to run my Wife's real estate agency... and I'll end up doing it for free... at one thirty in the morning.


El Jefe said...

Heading to Phoenix this Friday and will be taking my nephew to a game - any game - on Saturday...let you know how that goes either Sunday or Monday