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Friday, March 09, 2007

Full Tilt Asskissing Underway

New York Daily News - Yankees - Bob Raissman: On Clemens, a resounding YES
On Wednesday night, the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network was scheduled to air an exhibition game between the Bombers and Reds. Instead, the network presented its tribute to Roger Clemens.

Just a coincidence...not!
March is the time for this sort of baseball fantasy. And who better to present it than the suits at Al Yankzeera? Schooled in the art of propaganda, they know just how to stoke the mental fires. In the course of six innings, Al Yank tantalized any Yankees fan panting to see Clemens back in pinstripes. They also produced a Rocket recruiting video the bozos in Boston and Houston never will duplicate.

It started even before Clemens' pal, Andy Pettitte, threw the first pitch. YES' camera was right on Joe Torre greeting Clemens. The manager was careful to also warmly welcome Koby. What better way to make a dad feel great than by treating his son like royalty?

St. Joe ain't St. Stupid, right?

From the NY Post:
It was there that Joe Torre, Derek Jeter, Ron Guidry, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra and Larry Bowa chatted with Clemens, who was on hand to see buddy Andy Pettitte pitch in last night's 1-1 tie with the Reds. Yet, Clemens' presence at the park created images of the Rocket's re-entry into the Yankees' universe.

After watching Pettitte work three innings, Clemens visited with George Steinbrenner in the Boss' suite in the home sixth.

"I was here and I wanted to say hello," said Clemens of the three-minute meeting that preceded him doing an inning on YES.

Asked what The Boss said to him, Clemens replied, "I will pass on that one."

Shit, I can reconstruct that conversation:
DBG: "How much, Roger?"
Clemens: "I'll tell you in about two months, Boss."
DBG: "And I'll give it to you, son. You can take that to the bank."
Clemens: "I fully intend to, sir."


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El Jefe said...

Is it just me or do you just KNOW that Cash went down on the Rocket like a circus seal?