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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not Enough

Ok, it's hockey, not the Yankees, but the punishment handed out to the Islanders' Chris Simon is insufficient. Maximum time he'll serve if the Islanders go the limit in the playoffs is 43 games. Minimum is 25 games. For attempting to decapitate someone. He could have killed the guy with the way he swung the stick. Could have connected in the Adam's Apple, and that's all she wrote. Ban him for a minimum of one calendar year, with reinstatement conditional upon approval by the league. That's justice.

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TC said...

Agreed. He got up after a clean hit and tried to kil the guy who hit him, plain and simple. Bettman has to put his ass down for a year-long suspension, fine him a full season's worth of his salary, and then--maybe--the NHL will make me believe they take their players' safety seriously, and will put all the goons on notice.