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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

10 Burning Questions?

The only things worth mentioning in this article are:

1. Really don't give a shit. Honestly. His yearly fucking 'will he or won't he' drama is getting too National Enquirer for me. Listen up, FuKKK-head. Make a decision - NOW - or quit giving interviews to everyone and their teenage daughter journal-keepers.

3. Somewhat justifiable perception? Gay-Rod folds under pressure like a cheap lawn chair. And, much like Will Smith, he's scared of and cries at curse words.


TC said...

I scanned through his asinine "points," then scrolled back up and got a look at this moron's hedshot....

The glasses alone are a dead giveaway; that wimpy looking POS regularly got schoolyard beatings.

As for Dice K, two words: slippery balls!

El Jefe said...

Tis but true. I fear he went without lunch many a day.