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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

There's room for one more in the barbershop quartet

Never expected this out of Mo. Always thought of him as a class guy, nice suits and all.

But after that interview it sounds like he's warming up his voice box al a Pedro and Schilling.

Who's next to cry? Hold's the Mutt's #1 pitcher in 2008! Minaya must be absolutely drooling at the possibilities.

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TC said...

Bah, much ado about nothing. I saw Mo's mug on the back of the Daily News and Post this morning and laughed at how quickly they both dove directly into the "YANKEE TURMOIL!" bucket for a "crisis" that they fucking invented by pestering Mo about his contract situation first day in camp.

HACKS: "Mo, how's the elbow?"
MO: "Fine."
HACKS: "How does it make you feel that the Yankees are treating you, the greatest closer in history, like some punk by not offering you a two year extention for a bajillion per, like a player of your prowess and respect among both your fellow players and Yankee fans obviously deserves?"

and away we go!