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Monday, February 26, 2007

If He was a Horse, He'd Have Been Put Down by Now

THE KING OF PAIN By GEORGE KING - Yankees - New York Post Online Edition

February 26, 2007 -- TAMPA - The MRI tube at St. Joseph's Hospital should have Yankee pinstripes and the No. 45 painted on the side.

When the Yankees' medical staff told Carl Pavano yesterday he was headed to the hospital for an MRI and X-rays of his left foot, the oft-injured pitcher didn't need to ask directions.

Listen up, Punk: even if that hoof is broken, you wrap that sucker up and pitch, dammit! Or Moose may damn well kill you.


El Jefe said...

How many innings has he eaten up for $40M?

TC said...

i believe the answer is "one point two fucking few."