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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

AAAAGHH! I'm Doomed

WIFE traded e-mail addys and cell phone numbes with....

Wife came home, dumped her camera, and said, "You might be interested in this... (calls up this pic) I think you know this woman."

ME: "Suzy Q? Where did you take this picture?"
WIFE: "Company had a thing for women.. glass ceiling stuff. She was a scream. You would not believe the dirt that girl can tell."
ME: "Did you ask the obvious question?"
WIFE: "What, I'm stupid? She says Murcer is stable, but "keep praying," because it ain't over."

ME: "What else did she say?"
WIFE: "She's happy a certain guy is going back to Arizona."


El Jefe said...

Glad to hear that he's heading home.

TC said...

May he only meet A NASAstraunut on his way....

TC said...

Another thing Wife noted: "from the way she was talking, she is delirious that Pettite's coming back, and is ready to have his baby."