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Monday, February 19, 2007

What is this? An episode of Will & Grace?

As if the two were ever best buds. What the Hell was Gay-Rod thinking when he decided it was "important to publicly confirm what others have said since he joined the team?"

I'll tell ya' why. It's because EVERYONE hates you. It's because you go to FIVE shrinks. It's because you CHOKE. It's because you have to look up TEAMMATE in the dictionary.

It's the curse of Gay-Rod. I've been saying it since he left Seattle. Thank GOD ALMIGHTY we didn't get him.


TC said...

Good God ALMIGHTY, that boy just keeps on digging himself a deeper ditch for us to kick him into, doesn't he?

El Jefe said...

Boras: "Alex, give me the shovel. GIVE ME THE SHOVEL!!"