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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boo Frickin' Hoo

this guy is a fucking idiot (this time, I'm not talking about The Lip)New York Daily News - Sports - Mike Lupica: Heater gone, so only thing left is hot air:
"Randy Johnson suggested yesterday that somehow he was used as a floor mat during his time with the Yankees. He was not, unless you count the way he got hit by the Angels and Tigers in the playoffs.

Johnson was judged here the way everybody is, on results. This is still a results place and Yankee Stadium is still a home office for that, the way it is the home office for tradition and World Series titles and the biggest money and all the rest of it. If Johnson had delivered the way he was supposed to, and that means winning the most important games he pitched for the Yankees, it would not seem so important to him that some of the people criticizing him didn't get to know what a swell guy he really is."

Right. We remember the dumbfuck's intro to Fun City.

You had one purpose: win playoff games.

Go die in a fire.

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