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Monday, February 05, 2007

Tough Choice

But I've gotta go with Pudge just for the epic brawls with TC's favorite. Though he's my favorite current Dirt Dog, Tek's beating up on Gay-Rod doesn't equate the same machismo as a Fisk-Munson title bout.


TC said...

Whenever they were at the plate together, you could always see them jawing at each other. Every time either was at-bat, it was a potential bench clearing donnybrook waiting to bust loose.

El Jefe said...

So true. Now when he steps up to the plate Tek just says, "Nice shirt. Your boyfriend pick it out for you?" and Gay-Rod cries like a school girl.

TC said...

Exactly. Tek sees A-Hole coming, he's gotta be smiling and giggling inside--if not out loud.

Pudge or Thurman, on the other hand, seeing the other approaching, would be thinking, "Here comes that motherfucker again... I swear to God, one wrong word...."

TC said...

BTW: props for that top pic; pretty much summed it up... KA-BAAMM.

actual conversation going on while they were still both airborne in the moments surrounding that still pic:

Pudge: "You're out!"

Thurman: "FUCK YOU! I'll kick you in the balls as we land if you don't drop it...
I have ZOO-FU!"

Ump: "I'm SO fucking outta this shit."